Real Fast Book System
Provides Training On How To Make Money Writing

The Real Fast Book System by Daniel Hall

Real Fast Book System is a powerful writers course that will show you how to make money writing as a self-published author.

You will learn just what you need to do to become a successful author using the CreateSpace Print On Demand Platform.

Below is a list of the lessons presented by Daniel Hall, an outstanding writer who loves to share how you too can also become published through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other self publishing platforms.

CreateSpace Tutorial To Help
Launch Your Writing Career

Lesson #1 is an Introduction To Self-Publishing, providing those wanting to become a writer the tools and resources to do so.

Lesson #2 on Market Research will help you learn marketing skills as a writer so that you can make money as a published author.

Lesson #3 focuses on How To Best Title Your Book.

Lesson #4 is a CreateSpace Primer to Amazon's print on demand service, helping you avoid the mistakes so many new authors make.

Lesson #5 is entitled Dimensions and is a video on setting up your book for CreateSpace using Microsoft Word.

Lesson #6 through 8 provide How To Write Fast techniques, suggesting productivity secrets to enable you to write more in less time.

Lesson #9 focuses on Table of Contents and Images to give your book a look of professionalism.

Lesson #10 teaches How To Use The Online Cover Creator to publish books that sell.

Lesson #11 is a video on how to use PhotoShop Elements as a Cover Creation Tool.

All total, there are 23 Fast Book System Videos that have helped many fledgling authors become outstanding writers, published and selling their books internationally.

Writing Career As A Published Author

Do you have to change careers in order to be a published author?

Of course not. When you learn to become a writer, most likely you will write from where you are now, making money as a published writer to enhance your present financial situation.

The number one reason for reluctance in becoming an author is fear. The excuses I have made and heard from others are expressions of fear in some form.

Let Dan Hall teach you the basics of self-publishing on CreateSpace and Kindle so that you can conquer your writing fears. Check out Real Fast Books to launch your career as a writer.