Registered Nurse Has Career Change Questions

by Michele (Medford, NJ)

"Registered Nurse Asks About Career Change Options.

Registered Nurse Expresses Questions About Career Change

I am a registered nurse but wonder How I would go about becoming a chaplain?

I have been feeling the Lord telling me to change careers and teach about Him.

I am a registered nurse and unfortunately the main bread winner. I've been trying to find out ways to counsel and teach as a Christian.

Of course, I want to know how to get the education needed to change careers from nursing to chaplaincy.

Change Careers With Purpose Website A God-send

I landed on this career focused website while looking for "another" job.

Do I need to change careers, from nursing to chaplaincy to share my faith or can I do so in the nursing field as a registered nurse?

Perhaps your readers could give me ideas regarding finding fulfillment as a nurse, especially seeing the ministry possibilities in my nursing career.

God Bless,

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