School Supplies and Back-to-School Shopping

School Supplies For Teachers  Too!

School supplies are for more than the pupils when going back to school.  Educators also shop when the new school year begins (as well as all year long).

Needing educational resources for her preschool classroom, my wife has spent thousands of dollars annually on educational products every year throughout her career in education.

Preschool Products Geared To Early Childhood Education

In addition to being a primary grades teacher, she served as a preschool director. Her need for teaching and learning products prompted me to research school supply vendors, specifically preschool resources featuring educational products geared to early childhood education.

I determined to save her money by discovering the best teaching and learning resources online. If I can save her money on educational supplies, perhaps I could save money for others who are shopping for childhood education resources too.

Her first request was for an early childhood education resources opened my eyes to the whole process of selling those classroom learning supplies.

Internet Resources For Back To School Supplies

Just think, a preschool director, needing educational resources, prompted this entrepreneurial idea for teachers - become your own resource for back to school needs.

Providing preschool teaching resources, geared to early childhood education, would be my primary focus.

Apparently the need for educational resources seems to be growing, fueled by the concern parents have for providing the best education they can for their children.

Good teachers, wanting to meet this need, are constantly searching for tools and resources to enhance their teaching skills and to equip their learning environments.

 Focus On Early Childhood Education

So I am developing an online school resource focusing on early childhood learning needs.

Of course, offering back to school supplies to meet the annual elementary school supply list parents receive will be resourced as well. 

Families Need Discount School Products

Education is expensive and so are the educational products that parents see as absolutely necessary for giving their children an educational edge in the learning process.

Not only do early childhood education teachers and preschools classroom want products at discount prices, families with school aged children need discounts on educational materials too.

School Supply Catalogs Arrive Weekly

If you are a school teacher, whether an elementary teacher or a high school teacher, you too receive school supply catalogs, sometimes weekly or monthly.

These catalogs feature educational products, not only for back to school supplies, but throughout the year.

Recently I decided to see who was sending these school supply catalogs to career educators, who, like my wife, are preschool directors and early childhood learning teachers.

I discovered that it was people just like her who were sending out these school supply catalogs.

Check it out -- each one of the preschool supplies catalogs usually has the name of the school supply outlet sending it with but there is a special code that identifies the individual who is a school supplies resource affiliate.

Be Both A School Product Vendor and School Supply Consumer

I think I have convinced my wife to be a school products vendor. How did I convince her?

I asked her to count up the amount of money she has spent since becoming Site Director at Point Loma Nazarene University Early Childhood Learning Center. The answer was that she has spent literally thousands on meeting her preschool product needs.

Perhaps you too have an entrepreneurial bent as you pursue your teaching career. Or perhaps you are like me, the spouse of someone in the education field.

Go ahead, check out selling education focused products as a vendor by joining Private Label the Easy Way program.

There are 2 sides to every purchasing decision, the supplier and the consumer.  Perhaps you are like me and wondered if a new career change opportunity would be selling products on the Amazon platform.  

Yes, it's true. Many of the products sold on Amazon are through cash-strapped teachers who have discovered that the money flows from the buyer to the seller.

Yes, that is an affiliate link and illustrates the genius of online marketing. Should you buy the product, I receive a commission! That is how capitalism works.