Self ebook publishing means
not just writing a book
but writing an ebook

Because of self ebook publishing, writing careers have taken a new turn in the book publishing industry.

E-book Distribution Service For Aspiring E-book Authors

Look at list of ebook authors and you can see that a ebook distribution service that helps process self published works.

You see, you can market a self published ebook just like the many aspiring ebook authors just like you and me who finally went from aspiring internet writer to self published author.

Self ebook publishing seems to be of interest to many. Think of this as valuable writer career information, leading to not just writing a book, but writing an ebook!

You see, I am totally convinced that each one of us has a story to tell, and therefore, a book to write. or in keeping with self ebook publishing advice, an ebook to write.

Potential Ebook Self Publishers And Ebook Writers

I am amazed at the number of people I have talked to recently who told me they had a book they are working on or knew someone with a "half finished book" or a "concept for a book".

For example, take a look at these potential ebook self publishers and even the titles I've given the ebooks they write:

Principles of Funding World Missions
My brother-in-law has loads of material about his career as a missionary to Bolivia. Just putting his emails into a Christian ebook would be exciting reading!

I mentioned a good way to do so would be self ebook publishing, and even offered to help him market it on the internet.

Survival Tactics In My Social Worker Career
In my career as a hospice chaplain, I was sharing with one of our social workers the concept about writing ebooks. He told me he has an unfinished screen play he has been working on for years.

I would read any ebook he wrote, because of his vast knowledge from his many years in the social worker career field. He is a walking encyclopedia about social work information.

I don't think the screenplay has anything to do with being a social worker so the truth is he could write ebooks on both subjects.

Staying Power When Others are Leaving the Ministry
A few days ago, my wife mentioned that a co-worker's husband has story upon story to share about ministry to the urban center, where he has pastored a small, inner city church for over 20 years.

He has expressed interest in writing ebooks and the process of self publishing ebooks would be a perfect book publishing strategy for him to follow.

Sharing Life Lessons
We visited with my wife's aunt a few weeks back. She has written a small book sharing her life. She has paid far more than she should have to have it published using the traditional approach, even though it is a small book.

Yet people continue asking for it and she can't keep enough published, because of the cost. I told her there is another way -- self ebook publishing.

Dynamic Principles of Early Childhood Learning
As my wife and had our Saturday morning breakfast and enjoyed one of those what's-going-on-in-your-life chats, I told her about self ebook publishing.

She began to see all kinds of ebook possibilities from her years as a kindergarten teacher, musician, school administrator, and pastors wife.

Recently she and the academic Director of Point Loma Early Childhood Learning Center were chosen to conduct a workshop at a early childhood education convention.

It was so successful, they have their sights on the national early childhood education convention. Now to have a early childhood education website ready to share to the attendees seeking early childhood teaching tools as well as publish an ebook on preschool teaching tips.

Overcoming Depression
My wife is also a retreat speaker who shares openly her story, telling of the years of suffering from depression and how she overcame depression with God's help.

Her personal history with depression would be a powerful ebook on how to be an overcomer in the areas of anxiety, depression, childhood grief, and perfectionism. Great Computer Prices for ebook self publishers.

Ebook Publishing Resources

There are so many self proclaimed ebook experts but I wanted to hear from someone who had actually written an ebook AND was willing to show me exactly how I could do the same.

That's why the Instant Ebook Writing Kit from Shaun Fawcett is my first choice when it comes to ebook publishing strategy. (He's my first choice until I write MY own book on self ebook publishing!)

If you want to know how to write, publish and market your own book or ebook online, the Instant Kit will walk you through the entire process, from a blank page to a finished money-maker...

Here's his promise: "You Will Double, Triple or Quadruple Your Book or eBook Sales and Profits Implementing This Little Known Online Publishing Model"