Seminary Online Degree Question


Judy (Paradise Pt. Qld, Australia)

"Online masters degree programs will probably be the direction I take so I need distance learning information from seminary offering online seminary degrees."

Distance Learning For Online Masters Degree Program

A Distance Learning Seminary would be the best approach for Judy, who is typical of many who are seeking a source for seminary degrees online.

She states: I have always had a very close relationship with God. I went through several years of hurts and pains on an emotional level, until I was brought to my knees.

Online College Degree Means Distance Learning Nothing New

Her experience led her to long distance learning through which she ended up with a counseling diploma. She also has pursued online distance learning to obtain other counseling diplomas. She does not say whether her training is from an accredited seminary.

Here is how she describes her situation: One day while reading the local paper, I noticed a story on a woman who lives in my area searching for recruits for chaplaincy training. She is seeking information on nondenominational chaplaincy.

Is Degree From An Accredited Online Seminary?

While I do not represent any seminary, denomination, or chaplaincy organization, I would want to know if all the online distance learning is from an accredited seminary. One of the disappointments many have expressed in wanting to be a chaplain is finding they do not meet chaplain career education requirements.

In the USA, a Masters degree is the educational requirement for a chaplain career training, which is called Clinical Pastoral Education. After getting your masters degree, CPE must be taken in a clinical setting such as a hospital.

You would do well to check out these chaplain training requirements at Association of Clinical Pastoral Education.

I would suggest you explore chaplain career requirements in Australia, talking to chaplains at a nearby hospital for chaplain career information specific to your country.

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