Social Worker Careers: Dynamic Ministry To Hurting People

Those choosing social worker careers have been a delight to work with in my own career journey to a healthcare chaplaincy career. Until the last few years, social work was a mystery to me.

Social Work Careers Are Definitely Careers With Purpose

As a dynamic ministry to hurting people, social workers have definitely chosen a career with purpose.

In fact, my challenge to those of you in the social work field is that you see your work as ministry, a purpose driven ministry to hurting people.

Yes, those who have taken this career path to social work have definitely chosen a career with purpose in my "Change Career With Purpose" book!

Social Workers In the Clinical Setting

While pursuing a chaplain career, it was in my clinical training for chaplaincy (called Clinical Pastoral Education or CPE) that I first had direct contact with these very special caring people -- committed social workers.

From my experience, those purpose driven social workers saw their career as much more than a job. They viewed their social work employment as a caring ministry to hurting people.

Since then I have noticed there are hospital social worker careers, but also career social work positions in governmental human service departments as well as social worker employment working for community service organizations.

Career Change for Social Workers

Yet, in examining the social work field, I can see why some who have chosen social worker careers are ready to change to a new career.

Perhaps some of you are visiting this career focused website to explore career change for social workers.

If you are what I call a social work career change candidate, your decision to change careers may be an indication of compassion fatigue. I would urge you to explore the reasons for your desire to change careers.

Perhaps too, there is another expression of social work that you could change to with out leaving social work.

If you are considering a change of career, I would encourage you to examine a book by Dan Miller entitled 48 Days To The Job You Love.

Working With Those Those Who Have Chosen Social Worker Careers

I worked closely with social workers when I was the Faith Coordinator for the County of San Diego, assigned to the North Central Region.

Also, as the Chaplain for Polinsky Children's Center (County of San Diego'semergency residential center for abused children)for nearly 3 years, I was amazed at the heavy load social workers carried.

Hospice Social Worker Career Opportunities

And now, working for LightBridge Hospice in San Diego, California, I work very closely with career social workers. I am impressed with the scope of the job and the hard work these special people do to help others.

As our hospice health care organization has grown, we have added additional social workers. Some are veterans in their social worker careers while others are new to their social worker career.

For almost all on our staff, it was their need for experiencing a new expression of social work that precipitated their making a career change to become medical social workers.

Conclusions About People In Social Worker Careers

I have come to several conclusions about those in social worker careers:

1. A social worker career can be a dynamic ministry to hurting people. Choosing social worker careers is indeed a career change with purpose!

2. Those in social work are resources of tremendous life related knowledge! Knowledge about so many aspects of life, such as problem-solving solutions, finance, relationships, mental health, the "system".

3. It is often out of their own inner pain that social work career decisions are made.

The social work career decision often arose out of direct contact with a caring social worker they encountered in their own journey of life.

Perhaps without even knowing it, that loving care lit a desire within the potential social worker to further explore social work as a life long career. Click Here To Explore Profiting From Your Social Work Knowledge.