Start A Clickbank Store

The Challenge: Start a Clickbank store as a ClickBank affiliate strategy. For example, for your affiliate marketing strategy, start a Clickbank Shopping Mall.

Clickbank Should Be Your First Affiliate Marketing Strategy Step

Makes sense doesn't it that if you are going to start a Clickbank store, then ClickBank should be one of the first affiliate marketing strategy steps you take if you are interested in producing income through your internet income strategies.

Once You Have A Free Clickbank Account, You Are Ready To Start A Clickbank Store

I had joined Clickbank awhile back but never understood the potential of Clickbank affiliate marketing.

My Goal -- Making Money Through A Proven Internet Marketing Strategy To Support My Ministry Habit

Now I know many are uncomfortable with pastors having a goal to make money to support their ministry.

But the truth is that many pastors considering career change would do well to find ways to make money to support their ministry, rather than leave the ministry.

For me, one of my financial goals is to fund my internet chaplaincy ministry efforts through a profitable affiliate marketing strategy.

At one time, Clickbank was the best choice for those wanting to sell their own products online.

Unfortunately, many who decided to do so did not produce quality products, so internet entrepreneurs have turned to other online business strategies to market their products.

Key Internet Marketing Strategies

You too may want to start a Clickbank store as your chosen affiliate strategy and there are many who have had their internet career start there.

While there are some good internet resources for the online entrepreneur on CB, there are others that have sprung up in recent years.