How To Start An Online Christian Bookstore To Sell Christian Products Online

Start An Online Christian Bookstore: Become A Christan Business Entrepreneur

I was intrigued by a concept for a Christian internet business, prompted by a Christian internet business opportunity presented to me some years back.

A trusted successful Christian author challenged me to start a new purpose driven life chapter by starting an online Christian bookstore.

How To Start an Online Christian Bookstore

In sharing my Christian bookstore startup plans with my family, I stated there are only two sides of any financial transaction, the buyer and the seller, or the consumer and the provider. Now that is true of Christian products too.

Christian writers are providers and Christian readers are consumers. Most of us are quite content to just be product consumers.

But what if I did own an online Christian bookstore? I was reminded that there is extreme bookstore competition and chances of being successful were very slim. But there was a way to be a partner with Christian bookstores.

How To Look Like I Own An Online Christian Bookstore

One of the best books a Christian entrepreneur can read focuses on first building a theme based website as the first step in starting an online business. Click on the following link to learn the how to's of internet marketing.

The key is having a website that is itself a business. This concept is explained in more detail by Dr. Ken Evoy, CEO of Solo Build It (SBI). To read his articles, click on Website Business Concept.

The idea is to partner with online businesses and then direct visitors from your product or service focused website to another business who sells a desired product.

For example, another great read about how to sell products through Amazon shows how Christian entrepreneurs can enter into an Amazon partnership. To learn more, click on Amazon Partnership.

So you see, I don't actually own the largest Christian bookstore, I just look like I do.

About Selling Christian Products Online

Christian entrepreneurship is a ministry in itself, and the fact that it is also a Christian business venture does not diminish being a ministry too.

There are solid reasons for selling Christian products to Christian consumers:

  • Christian products are a $6 billion market
  • 88% of people are buying their books at secular organization and online book resource outlets.
  • By owning an online Christian bookstore, one can reclaim those dollars to help his or her own family, support their own church or ministry.

A Christian Business Marketing Strategy For Christian Products

One of the benefits of starting an online Christian Bookstore is becoming my own middleman for Christian products. How so?

  • I can keep Christian dollars in Christ’s Kingdom by reclaiming the money spent on Christian books at retail companies.
  • I can offer over 200,000 Christian Bibles, books, music, video and gifts to people special to me, my friends and family and website visitors, through my online book resource site.
  • and through what I call the genius of affiliate marketing, I can earn commission from every purchase from my online Christian book resource site.
  • I will say that it seems harder to know who really owns a particular Christian Business. I am continually surprised to discover just who owns some of the companies I thought were Christian owned companies.

    What that means is that we who call ourselves Christian consumers will often avoid doing business with a company because we consider them to be a non-Christian business.

    Of course, if we applied this kind of non-Christian avoidance strategy, we would not buy much at all. I simply do not know the faith preference of the clothing manufacturer of the shirt I wear made in Malaysia or the maker of a fully loaded laptop computer made in China.

An Online Christian Business Is A Christian Products Resource

No matter the transaction, there is a consumer and a provider. Being very astute, I have notice money flows from consumers to providers. So you are either a consumer of Christian products or a provider of Christian products.

Whether it is through an online Christian bookstore business or a theme based website business like this one, you can be both a consumer and a provider.

Start An Online Christian Bookstore through your own writing efforts

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