When Starting A Catering Business, Make The Catering Contract A Priority

Learn About Starting A Catering Business

There use to be a book I promote that was a Catering Business Start-Up Guide, written to provide the answers to those thinking of beginning a catered event business.

It offered step-by-step business guidance for starting a successful catering business, a much needed resource for those interested in this unique food niche.

Over the years I have encountered a number of people who have entered into providing food services at special events, most of whom have been very successful.

Not that I intend to start catering as a business, I was just curious about how in San Diego catering would do as a home based business.

Besides, I often have people ask me about home based business start-up ideas, so I continued to pick the brain of the catering service provider as he was setting up for the funeral dinner.

I noticed his unique catering business logo that he had embroidered on his apron where everyone who talked to him could see it. And, as a business logo should do, it told me exactly what his business was about -- catering -- achieved though a picture of a steak sizzling on a grill.

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I Started A Catering Business Because People Kept Asking For My Great Barbecue Recipes

"Cooking has been a great side business for me" because I have a unique schedule and I love to cook. He stated that starting a catering company was the last thing on his mind, but when people kept asking for his great barbecue recipes, he began thinking a barbecue catering business might just make it.

This food focused entrepreneur told me that, even though he did not intend to begin a catering business, he soon became famous in his circle of friends for his barbecue specialties and so his meal service business just happened.

What Are The Home Based Business Details You Think Are Most Important for Someone Starting A Catering Business?

First would be the special event contract. Funny how friends don't mind paying thousands to total strangers when they schedule a special life event, but if it is a friend catering the event, sometimes they expect cheap prices.

He felt that a spelled out contract reminds them as well as himself that this is a business relationship, not a wedding gift or anniversary gift.

"Catering a funeral event like this is difficult business decision, because usually I cater funerals for people I know, people I consider my friends. Because of the relationship, they ask me as a friend of the deceased to provide the food for funeral guests."

Because of the rush of the crowd showing up, our Catering Business 101 lesson ended.

Perhaps a how to business resource would benefit potential caterers is still a need and could be a book for those of you who have expertise in this field. The concept would be simply answering questions about starting a catered food business.

You as the author could develop a complete business package to help potential business owners to easily and quickly start their own profitable home-based catering business.