Starting A Nonprofit Corporation To Impact Our World For Good

Many of us, myself included, have thought about becoming a non-profit organization through which we could help people we feel God has called us to reach.

Does Your Good Intention List Include Starting A Nonprofit Corporation?

Yes, I have discovered that there are many of us who feel stuck when it comes to following nonprofit procedures to launch our organizations.

Their "to do" list includes becoming more knowledgeable about how to begin a nonprofit corporation, learning nonprofit procedures, and then actually becoming a recognized nonprofit entity.

Most of the organizations I worked with when I was a Faith Coordinator for the County of San Diego were religious entities interested in developing faith based nonprofit strategies.

Overcoming Incorporation Barriers

When it comes to starting nonprofits, I have learned the biggest barriers are within, not outside forces blocking our efforts.

Just beginning the journey finds us stalled, not from a lack of available nonprofit information, but by being stymied by a perceived Giant, the giant of fear.

I noticed what stops many with good intentions to launch their ministry is an inner fear, and uncertainty that was blocks them from even starting the basic procedures of launching a nonprofit.

In my role as Faith Coordinator I would tell my stymied friends "Relax, this is a normal response experienced by many wanting to become a nonprofit corporation." This inner lack of confidence when taking their first steps to non-profit status is quite common.

So realize that this apprehension is a very normal response on the part of good intentioned, honest people who are facing the unknown and overwhelming legal requirements for nonprofit status.

The Journey To Achieving Non-profit Status

My purpose here is not to lay out the steps needed in order to bring your corporation to fruition. Rather, my goal is to prompt you to formulate the steps you need to take in getting started.

I mentioned above that at one time I was employed as a Faith Coordinator for the County of San Diego, serving the North Central Region of the county.

What a unique ministry career! It was my job was to be a liaison between county government and faith based nonprofit corporations.

But a major part of my Faith Coordinator duties was to encourage those wanting to become a non profit to start the process. As I see it, while the County of San Diego has tremendous resources in meeting needs, they unfortunately have a lousy delivery system. They need faith based and community organizations to help fulfill those tremendous resources to people in need.

What we discovered was that faith based organizations were already positioned where people needing social service resources were living, and so it made sense to partner with them.

The Most Often Asked Question Of Me: How To Become A Nonprofit Organization

With the big push for Faith-based organizations to meet the needs of hurting and marginalized people in our communities, I learned quite a bit about how to become a nonprofit organization.

Many of those interested in starting a nonprofit corporation were individuals with a passion for meeting a specific needs in the community. Most were already meeting needs in their community but were ignorant of the necessary procedures to take.

Helping Faith Based And Community Organizations Learn Nonprofit Procedures

A key assignment was to help faith based and community organizations learn the proper procedures for becoming a nonprofit corporations.

Understand that there are government organizations set up to provide solid answers to those wanting to launch their nonprofit organization.

As you gain more knowledge by accessing the tremendous resources available, those inner fears about the nonprofit process will be replace with confidence that you too can become a dynamic nonprofit, fulfilling your dream to help hurting people in need of your services.

Lauch a website when starting a nonprofit corporation.