Student Loan Consolidation Program : Student Loan Consolidation Advice For Paying Your Government Student Loan

Student Loan Consolidation Program

Your career choice should include a student loan consolidation program, whereby you develop your student loan consolidation strategy for repaying your government student loan, a priority as you make career decisions.

Perhaps you are like my son, who has a government student loan but no college degree to go with it. And like many adults without a college degree, he is beginning to realize that he wasted a good education on immaturity.

Student Loan Consolidation On The Mind

Now in his 30's, he has student loan consolidation on his mind as he considers returning to college to complete his degree.

So while thinking about a career, he is considering not only which college to attend, but how to refinance his original government student loan.

He has to pay for his past student loans while paying his present educational costs. Sounds a whole lot more like government spending than student loan spending.

Government Student Loan Merry-Go-Round

Seems to me he is going around in circles because he is looking for a student loan consolidation program. . .

  • that will make it possible to return to college
  • in order to get the degree that will enable him to choose a career in order to earn a higher salary
  • so that he can pay for his government student loan.

College Decision Making Tool

Obviously a lot of decisions need to be made -- choosing a college, choosing a career, and even choosing the best student loan consolidation program.

I suggested he use a unique decision making tool called ChooseIt! to help him explore possibilities.

So get in line for a ride on the Student Government Loan Merry-go-round as you choose your student loan consolidation program, exploring student loan consolidation options in order to pay off a government student loan, as you choose your career.

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