Syndicate Website Content: Blogging Burnout Realities

In the past I wanted to syndicate website content so those who also have websites could add valuable website content by using my blogging entries.

My thought was "Let's both win as I provide free career change content for your website."

Since I originally proposed that other website builders use blog entries from this Change Career With Purpose website, I no longer blog as I once did. You can find other references to blogging burnout for my decision to refocus my website creation strategy.

Back a few years, I thought that by placing inspirational content on their website, bloggers and other website owners could could have up-to-date content on their websites.

The goal was to offer this free, fresh, inspirational content would create website traffic back to this career oriented site.

My career change news blog was focused on the keyword careers, so the idea was that my unique style could enhance any website needing fresh content focusing on careers and career change.

Searching For Fresh Web Site Content Is Challenging

I am still challenged by needing fresh website content but have other syndication methods that are available to accomplish this.

Several of these syndication strategies are found at the bottom of this page on my website.

A Treasury of Web Content Discovered

Recently I discovered that Public Domain material as a valuable resource of content as explained at this website Mining Public Domain.

Who would mine the treasures of public domain photos or the 85 million books for content? Try the major publishing houses and even Amazon for valuable public domain works. Of course it will not identify itself as resources from the public domain because someone like you and me has either released it anew as an editor or even rewritten it as the author.

For example, when I took a course while pursuing a master's degree in counseling, I discovered that some of the text books were re-purposed material written by the great authors from a previous generation. The same can be done for website content as revealed in this resource: Mining Public Domain For Treasure.

By the way, I never did complete that master's program but I did learn that even hungry college professors have learned how to use public domain materials.

Interested In Launching Your Own Website?

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Note that you and I supply the ministry or spiritual aspect to our specific ministry websites, because Solo Build It! is simply what many consider to be the best website building tool available.

In other words, it is not a "Christian website building program" but rather a website building program that you and I, as "Christians", can use to expand our ministries using the internet.

Discover what having a website is all about -- Expressing your unique passion through internet resources and sharing your unique message with the world.