Teaching Career Extending Ministry Career

by Phil McCorkell (Devonport. Tasmania. Australia)

"Teaching Degree Opens Opportunity In Field of Education".

Teaching Degree Expands Ministry

I pursued an education degree after having been in the same church for 21 years, overseeing the Children's Ministry for 17 of them.

Before pursuing a teaching career I was employed in a part-time staff position several years ago and during this time I completed a teaching degree.

While finishing up on staff, and I was given 6 months off from overseeing duties, and I am keeping my ministerial credentials.

Whilst I am leaving the church ministry staff per se, I am not leaving the call upon my life.

Teaching Degrees And Open Doors For Ministry

God is not so much closing the door to ministry, but just making it bigger.

The opportunity for me to use my calling in the secular environment as a classroom teacher will also leave access for God to move me back into another ministry position He pleases, down the track at a later time.

I feel that the call of God is irrevocable and that God can use this calling inside or outside of the structured church.

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