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To Become A Chaplain,
What Are the Education Requirements?

(Educational Requirement To Become A Chaplain Information Needed)

Professional Education Requirement Question

Do you need to attend college to become a chaplain?

This is the most often asked question on How To Become A Chaplain.

Simply put, "To Become A Chaplain, What Are the Education Requirements?"

Education Needed For Becoming A Chaplain

If one is interested in pursuing a chaplain career, what are the basic educational requirements before becoming a chaplain.

Your question is close to one often asked: To become a chaplain, do I need a college degree?

Chaplain Job Listings Reveal Education Requirements

My answer to the college necessary question comes from the many chaplain career job listings I have seen over the years.

These are notices of chaplain jobs at a professional career level and the basic educational requirements are usually always the same.

Each chaplain employment opportunity advertisement has listed as the educational requirements the need for not only a BA (Bachelor degree) but in addition, a Master's degree, usually a seminary degree.

Then there is most likely a reference to having completed Clinical Pastoral Education, which is a hands-on training program that gives the chaplaincy student the clinical experience they need under guided supervision.

Avoiding Educational Regrets

Make sure you are getting a degree from a reputable educational institution rather than what are called diploma mills.

It is your responsibility to determine the credibility of an educational institution.

You can make sure you are in a CPE program recognized by the Association Of Clinical Pastoral Education

Just because you see an internet ad stating that a specific institution offers something like chaplain training degrees, that program may not provide the course work necessary to be certified as a professional chaplain.

Recently, even the famous online universities have been the subject of investigation as to their graduates ability to be hired in any profession, and I am sure that would include chaplain career opportunities.

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