Training Locations For Chaplain Education Requirements

by Fran (Riverside, California)

I want to become a professional chaplain
and wonder how I can find chaplaincy training information
in order to become certified?

(Chaplain Training Centers can be found throughout the USA for those wanting to learn how to become a chaplain.)

Location Inquiry About Chaplain Training Opportunities

Where do i get training to become a chaplain?

Any suggestions as to where chaplain career training can be obtained would be appreciated.

Editor's Comment On Chaplain Training Locations

Since the location of the questioner is simply USA, the answer to this question about chaplain educational provider locations could be anywhere across the nation.

-- Do a search for Clinical Pastoral Education online.

-- Check with your denominational group, especially if they have a website for chaplaincy in your faith group.

-- Explore the websites of hospitals in your area, since hospitals are the largest providers of chaplain training. The chaplaincy training program is usually called Clinical Pastoral Education.

By the way, while the training for chaplaincy may be through the spiritual care department of the hospital, you are free to explore chaplain career opportunities beyond healthcare chaplaincy once you complete your chaplain training requirements.

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