Us Navy Civilian Employment Opportunities

For a career with purpose, you might want to consider US Navy Civilian Employment.

US Navy civilian personnel have discovered the benefits of working for the Department of the Navy in Navy civilian jobs.

Please note that I have no official position with the Navy military branch. I am what some refer to as a career builder, and as such, want to inform you of US Navy civilian employment opportunities. So again, I am not us navy civilian personnel nor am I in Navy civilian employment.

Those who have set their sails for US Navy civilian employment enjoy an exciting civilian career with the Department of the Navy. As US Navy civilian personnel they have discovered challenging careers performing Navy civilian jobs.

Nearly 200,000 civilians are employed in a wide variety of occupations in support of the Department's mission.

For those who are considering a career change with purpose, a Navy civilian career may offer just what you want in your new career choice.

Compared to many jobs in the private sector and especially to those of us who have been employed by nonprofits, military civilian employment has great appeal.

I have encouraged my daughter, who recently moved to San Diego, to consider US Navy civilian employment.

I first learned about the possibilities for US Navy civilian employment from a Navy Chaplain. He had sent an email detailing a Navy civilian chaplain opportunity at Camp Pendleton.

US Navy civilian personnel have discovered the benefits of working for the Department of the Navy

Employed to do civilian jobs in the military, US Navy civilian personnel receive a competitive salary, vacation time and sick leave, a portable retirement plan with Government matching contributions, affordable health and life insurance plans, and health and wellness services.

The information below reveals what the Department of the Navy offers US Navy civilian personnel whose career change aspirations have led them to Navy civilian employment.

Work And Life Balance In Us Navy Civilian Employment

  • Competitive salaries Two and one-half weeks of paid annual leave per year. Five weeks of paid annual leave after 15 years of employment
  • Thirteen workdays of sick leave per year
  • Support of work and family
  • Friendly working environment
  • Ten paid Federal holidays each year
  • Recruitment bonuses
  • Relocation assistance
  • Flexible work hours

US Navy Civilian Personnel Career Development

  • On the job and formal education and training
  • International opportunities for employment
  • High level of job empowerment and responsibility
  • Merit principles in selection for vacancies
  • Structured career planning
  • Opportunities for tuition assistance

Navy Civilian Employment Brings Retirement And Health Benefits

  • Retirement plan
  • 401K-type thrift savings plan
  • Group health and life insurance
  • Recreational activities and programs
  • Employee assistance programs

Competitive Salaries For The Civilian In A Navy Job

We offer purpose driven employees competitive salaries. US Navy civilian personnel are normally paid every two weeks. In certain circumstances, Navy civilian employees may also receive. . .

  • overtime compensation,
  • holiday pay,
  • night differential,
  • Sunday premium pay,
  • bonuses and allowances.

Federal employees receive annual cost of living pay adjustments and also receive other pay increases based on time in position and performance.

For those seeking a career with purpose, to consider US Navy Civilian Employment may be the smartest career decision you make.

It seems that US Navy civilian personnel have discovered the benefits of working for the Department of the Navy in a wide array of Navy civilian jobs. Civilian Navy employees have discovered fulfilling employment doing honorable work in solution focused careers with purpose.