Used Car Blue Book Value Is Priority When Buying A Used Car For Sale

"The used car blue book value is the most important car buying tool when you find a used car for sale."

--Used car buying advice from Dear Old Dad

Used Car Blue Book Value And Career Change

Wanting to purchase a car, my daughter, was making a career change move and decided her dated 1973 Dodge Dart would not make the move with her.

She felt she needed to buy a used car. I told her sophisticated people call these pre-owned vehicles. Like many dads concerned for the financial protection of their daughters, I had other "fatherly" financial advice to offer her.

Knowing the used car blue book value before shopping for a used car, advice that comes from my own used car buying pain, was a good starting place when in the used car market.

In fact, I suggested she follow these used car buying strategies I gleaned from my Uncle Sam (in other words, a government website).
Before you start shopping for a used car, you'll need to do some homework. Spending time now developing your used car shopping strategy may save you serious money later.

Of course, knowing the used car blue book value is only one aspect of buying a used car. When you change careers and are looking for employment, having a good reliable car is crucial as you continue change career journey.

You will want a reliable used car to get to your job interviews, and once hired, will count on that reliability to get to the job.

Begin your used car buying homework by knowing yourself. Think about. . .

  • your driving habits,
  • your personal emotional needs that you attach to the vehicle you drive,
  • and of course your personal financial budget.

Do Your Car Buying Research:

You are assuming that a used car is the direction you will go in your car buying but don't rule out purchasing a new car until you have done your car buying homework.

You can learn about car models, options, and prices by reading newspaper ads, both internet display and newspaper classifieds.

Determine Where You Will You Buy Your Used Car

There are many places you will find these pre-owned vehicles for sale and some of them may surprise you:
  • There is the used car auction
  • Internet used car dealers such as the Car Max used car website
  • Remember individuals selling a used car, so be alert to a used car by owner notice; also look for those window signs on cars that say "used car for sale by owner"
  • Of course there is the old standby, the automobile dealer used car, so be looking for anyone selling a used car in San Diego
  • Oh yeah, there are used car web site places like Craigslist
  • I have even seen used car dealer ads on the eBay used car auction website.

Of course, there's a wealth of used car information giving all kinds of strategies for purchasing used cars on the Internet.

  1. Do a search engine search: Doing a Google search or using any of the other search engines will provide more information than your brain can hold, so be ready for too much information. But thats better than acting with too little information.
  2. Just enter "used car" as the key words and you'll find loads of used car information, such as:

  • how to buy a used car,
  • detailed instructions for conducting a pre-purchase inspection,
  • ads for cars available for sale,
  • publications that compare car models, options, and costs,
  • information about frequency-of-repair records, safety tests, and mileage.
To perform an information search for intelligent used car buying, begin with Google, the old standby search engine.

Afterward you will need to decipher the Google information page result from your search. Doing so helps you analyze discoveries from your used car search and then use the information to develop a strategy for your purchase of a used car.


OK, I know that you didn't realize that buying a car, especially buying a used car, was so much work.

Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle requires a lot of effort, especially knowing the used car blue book value when you find a used car for sale.

Remember that reliability is number one when buying a used car, so that you can begin your career change pursuit.

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