When A Used Car For Sale Catches Your Eye

Buying A Used Car In Your Career Change Move Could Break Your Heart

"Are you ready to shop for a used car for sale? I know you are thinking about buying a used car, especially with your new career change."

"So, my daughter, if you think you are ready to buy a used car, would you listen to your old man one more time (or will this be the first time?) and let me give you some car buying advice?"

Just because you see a used car for sale and your change career decision has brought you to San Diego, don't jump into another used car relationship too quickly. Take your time and do your used car buying homework.

I'm sorry about what happened to your ex-car friend, Reliant Plymouth, class of 1987.

I know he said he just didn't feel like making the big move from Colorado Springs to San Diego in your change career move -- maybe he was being honest when he said something about being allergic to sunshine all year long.

But let's face it, he was just a used auto part collection. Letting him go was the smartest decision you could have made. The truth is that he had lost his used car blue book value.

Get over him, he just wasn't right for you. As they say, there are other used cars in the used car lot better than him. I always felt you were too good for him anyway.

I feel like you need me to help you make a good used car buying decision! OK, I'll be honest. I probably need to feel that you need my help in buying a used car more than you needing my used car buying expertise.

There, I said it! But I do feel we need to have this heart to heart talk regarding this potential used car relationship. I don't want to see you fall for the first used car in San Diego you see. Just because a used car in California comes your way, don't just fall for him.

Seriously, there are some strategic tactics to take when you start getting serious about purchasing a preowned vehicle. Your old Dad just doesn't want to see you get hurt. So let me open my heart up to you and share a few tips on buying a used car and about used car financing straight from my heart.

Buying a used car is a very subjective decision and you need to be aware of what is taking place in your heart as you pursue this used car relation. You don't want to fall for just any cheap used car for sale.

This relationship is more than a financial transaction bringing two people together, a used car seller and a used car buyer.

That's because there are a lot of emotional factors in purchasing a used car. So guard your heart and your wallet.

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