Which College or University Offers Clinical Pastoral Education or CPE?

by Irma (Pontiac, Michigan)

What colleges or universities offer
chaplain career training for someone wanting to become a chaplain?

((A reader with a question regarding colleges and universities that offer chaplaincy training))

Question Concerning Educational Requirements For Chaplaincy

Exploring a chaplain career, information regarding the educational requirements prompted this question by Irma from Pontiac, Michigan.

Masters Degree Question

Actually, this has to do with the sequence or order of chaplain training in relationship to getting a masters degree:

Can one receive Clinical Pastoral Education or Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) after receiving a BS or Master of Divinity (MDiv.)?

The Importance Of Education

Seeking information regarding educational requirements for any career is a basic step to changing careers. This fact is also true for becoming a chaplain.

Knowing the basic educational requirements helps any career changer make life adjustments necessary, such as where to obtain training,
how long that education will take, and whether a move is necessary in order to get their college degree.

By understanding these basic educational requirements, those seeking information for becoming a chaplain can begin taking the steps necessary in becoming a chaplaincy.

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