Wise Church Sign Sayings

by Joann Moretz
(Banner Elk, North Carolina)

Some Wise Church Sign Sayings

Wisdom has been defined as seeing life from God's perspective.

Below are some Wise Church Sign Messages, which Joann entitled "The Owl's Pearls".

These church sign quotes will give you the opportunity to ponder life and God's plan for each one of us, especially when facing difficult times.

People in crisis need the reassurance of God's presence and comfort. They need the strength and hope only God's Word can offer. For Disaster, Counseling, Crisis and Special Needs - Click Here

1) A cup of wisdom is worth far more than a vat of knowledge.

2) A child with a penny in her pocket is wealthier than a man in debt.

3) Don't be a link in a chain of rumors.

4) You can't get OVER life's problems-but with Jesus, you can get THROUGH them.

5) God fearing is courageous.

6) There is a huge difference between hearing and listening.

7) Breaking news! The secret of life has been found. Sources say the secret was found in the words of a collection of stories, which were bound together in a book called the Bible.

Thanks, Joanne, for reminding us of the importance of the Bible.

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