Writer Career Information and Writing Career Resources

Writer Career Information Through Colleges and Universities

Writer career information at one time was found by getting a college degree in writing. I suppose the majors for such a degree would most likely be an English major or perhaps a degree in literature.  At least that is how it used to be.

Now there are writing courses offered by successful writers that will give you the writer career information without the cost of paying college tuition.  My favorite course is Proven Self Publishing Course by Jason Miles and Jim Cockrum,

College Classes Through Distance Learning
Just One Approach

What has changed in finding readily available writer career information? The Internet. You can begin by searching out college degree information if you are still intent on getting a degree leading to a career in writing.

But for those of us for whom college and university degrees are out of the question, searching the internet is the new distance learning and  a great place to get information to launch our writing careers.

How To Find Valuable
Writer Career Information

Yes, the internet is a gold mine of writing resources for dynamic, aspiring authors.

Whether your career interest is to become a creative writer or you want to explore a career as a grant writer, the internet abounds with professional writing tools for career writers of every kind.

More Than Just Finding Writing Information

If you are going to write a book, you need to do more than search for information and content.

Eventually you need to actually write your book and this is where the Internet shines.  

Finding Useful Writing Career Resources

One of my dreams and perhaps yours too is to launch a writing career, even becoming an outstanding writer that people love to follow.

Since at the moment there is no one clamoring for my books, I have decide that the self publishing approach is the pathway to take to fulfilling personal writing aspirations.

I believe my goal of writing best sellers will be best accomplished by starting my own publishing company. In fact, I have recently taken the steps required for starting a new self-publishing business venture. You will hear more about this later.

Writing Career Opportunities

Many people I know have writing aspirations and have said they wanted to become an outstanding writer.

Even I have thought that maybe someday I could be a professional writer, such as in a career as a creative writer, or perhaps as a copy writer, but definitely becoming a freelance author.

Self Ebook Publishing Resources

Recently, I met someone whose brother had a website for aspiring authors. I checked it out and immediately told my daughter, who has professional writing aspirations, to click on Author-me.com to see how she could launch her professional writing career.

Even if your writing goals are not as lofty as becoming a professional author, you may have some poetry or short stories to share.

For more writer career information and ideas go to Self Ebook Publishing on this website.

Finding writer career information seems to be a challenge for many authors or career writers (or those who want to be professional writers).

Many of us are writers but may not consider ourselves to be professional writers. I believe the internet has changed how we define career writers.

Self-Publisher Resources

You see, many of us are career writers without knowing it. Perhaps we think professional writers only write books but there are many who profit from their writing, such as a technical writer or someone who has chosen a career as a grant writer.

For example, just by having my own website, I see myself entering into a publishing career for writing my own books but also for others.

There are so many Self-Publisher Training Courses available that will provide those seeking a writing career the information geared to the internet age.

Again, my favorite online self publishing guide is Proven Self Publishing Course by Jason Miles and Jim Cockrum,