Writing A Website To Help Those Wanting To Change Careers

by Internet Publisher Paul Slater
(Websites Reaching The World)

Writing A Website Describes My Retirement Career

Writing A Website Describes My Retirement Career

Are You Still Writing A Website?

Writing A Website is a funny way to describe my internet based career of building websites.

Yet that was the term I used in referring to my internet career activities in response to this question asked of me: "Are you still writing a website?"

And obviously, because people are reading this internet article about my website ministry career, I indeed am writing websites.

You see, I truly believe that a writing career is what my website building is all about in fulfilling my own person career purpose.

Building websites with purpose simply means I am helping people be all they can be through the grace of God.

Becoming An Internet Publisher

Beyond just being a writer of career focused content, if I were to answer the question "What do you do for a living?" my answer would be "I am an Internet Publisher".

As an internet based publisher I began with writing informative articles for this career focused website for those wondering if they should change careers.

What Does Being A Internet Publisher Involve?

Writing website articles is really no different in its content than writing a book or delivering a sermon. Yet there is a difference and it is in the methodology of delivering that content.

For me, becoming an internet publisher has been the best business and ministry decision I could have ever made in my new retirement status.

There is more to what my retirement career activities involve, which I will share when I write website articles on the following topics:

-- Internet Publishing As Ministry

-- The Business of Writing A Website

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