Writing For Money
Is The Writer's Goal

Writing for Money and Christian Writers  

Writing for money seems to me to be a worthwhile goal for enterprising Christian writers. Most of the books I own I paid for.  I assume the authors made money through my book purchasing efforts. 

Recently when I discovered an online writing course that teaches writing as a viable Christian business concept, I thought I should order it. No starving author wrote this writer e-course was my first impression.

Proven Self Publishing Courses 

If you want to see the see how multiple Christian entrepreneurs launched their own lucrative writing careers, check out .  

What I like about the creator of the Proven Self Publishing Course, Jim Cockrum, is that he teaches what he and many of those who are a part of his organization are actually doing, which is making money through selling products through online platforms. This includes self publishing.

They even have multiple references in their Ministry Funding Approach that addresses how pastors and church leaders can profit from their writing skills while fulfilling their call to ministry.  

Once I began reading about their unique way to make money online, I saw a positive approach for any of us who have wondered if we could write for profit.

Creative Writing Courses With A Twist

Usually creative writing courses focus on the techniques needed for a career as a writer. The creativity described in this self publishing course is in developing a business on How To Make Money Writing.

By the way, if the idea of making money through writing somehow turns you off for some reason or another, you have missed how Christian authors of the ages have financed their ministry efforts through writing.

The emphasis of this Christian writing course includes how to become an author as they share how to create an income stream using a very specialized approach that I would describe as launching a Christian publishing business.

Writing For Money Using Self Publishing Strategies

Now if launching your self publishing business is a concept  totally new to you, I would encourage you to do what I have done, learn how through the Proven Self Publishing Course. Click here to explore Funding Ministry Through the Proven Amazon Course.

Perhaps you are a pastor wondering how you can supplement your ministry income. If you have been on this website before, the very reason I started this site was to speak to career change for pastors. Yet that change need not be away from your present ministry but expanding the reach of your ministry.

Perhaps you are a layperson who desires to fund your church's ministry efforts and you see Christian publishing as the way to do so. 

In these tight financially times I am often asked me by those exploring career change options, how can they can make money on the internet.

My response to enterprising Christian entrepreneurs is to learn how writing for money can bless you financially as you bless others through your Christian publishing efforts.

The Pastors and Non-Profit Guide To Self Publishing

Included as a bonus in the Proven Publisher Course is a guide for pastors as well as non-profit organizations that reveals a funding strategy that can increase their income by launching a writing/publishing endeavor.